Saturday, September 3, 2011


We have all been told to ‘follow your gut feeling’, or to ‘sleep on it’ and the situation will be clearer tomorrow. Some people have very strong instincts, while others don’t, or don’t think they do. I have very strong instincts (woman’s intuition), and have instinctively followed them all my life. My husband has powerful instincts, but does not trust them (to his own detriment). I can’t count the times I have heard him say, “I had a feeling”.

Throughout our 37 years of marriage we have had numerous disagreements in regard to listening to that ‘gut feeling’, or going with the sometimes more logical decision, with me pushing for my feelings. He, being a man, used to question what I based my recommendations on, not understanding that my instincts are sometimes so direct that I somehow know them to be right. He has learned, over the years, to listen closely when I have a ‘feeling’, because the feeling is almost always right. Now I encourage him to act accordingly when he ‘has a feeling’.

Instinct rules the animal world. It is what guides their migration patterns, their mating rituals, knowing their enemies, etc. They live in tune with the earth, following the seasons and using their senses for survival, which is their one purpose. Humans could learn from their example. Our minds are so cluttered with the details of our busy  lives, that we may lose sight of our true journey. Clearing the clutter through meditation, contemplation, or prayer may be all it takes to get in touch with our inner selves. That part of ourselves that can make clearer decision and keep us grounded. Finding and listening to your ‘gut feelings’ may put you back on your true path. When you have a ‘feeling’ about something, try letting that feeling guide you. You may end up right where you want to be.

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