Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Females and males have been described as being from Venus and Mars, which are 67.2 million miles apart. In my opinion men have specific, basic needs, while women are complex and may not receive all of the emotional support they require from the men in their lives. This is why God created girlfriends.

Last week I spent a few days in the mountains of Idaho with a group of friends, four couples who have known each other for years and always have fun together. On the last full day the women ventured out on their own, while the men stayed behind to work on the cabin. We wanted to revisit the hot springs we had discovered the day before, but did not have time to fully enjoy. Needless to say, this day was the highlight of the trip. We soaked in natural hot tubs, we sang at the top of our lungs, we laughed at each other until our sides hurt, and then we laughed some more.

Throughout history, women have always managed to spend time together. Quilting bees, sewing circles, and tea time allowed women to bond and share feelings their men may not have related to. Today we enjoy girl’s night out, spa days, and shopping excursions. When I am with my girlfriends I know I can count on having fun, being supported and understood.

Back at the cabin, the men were grouting a stone wall, and later taking a drive in an open jeep, on a dirt road, getting covered with dust and grim. I guess they enjoyed themselves, but hearing about their day makes me really happy to be from Venus.

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