Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bucket list

I just celebrated another milestone birthday. Our early milestone birthdays are celebrated as reaching a stage in life that opens new opportunities and experiences. I suppose we should look at later milestones in the same positive light. I will try not to focus on recent occurrences: like friends my age passing away, or the fact that I am debating about continuing activities I have enjoyed my entire life. Instead, I plan to relish what I do well and enjoy working on checking off that bucket list. This past weekend while my husband was out of town, I sat down with a good book and ended up reading it cover to cover, just because I could. For years I wished to read to my hearts content, and that is a wish for a lot of reading. I can do it now, and how I love my books.

As to my bucket list; It is quite long and, instead of getting shorter, it continues to grow. For every experience I check off, I add two more. At this rate, I will have to live to be 150. However, as my list grows, it also evolves. The older I get the more fine tuned my likes and dislikes become, and I am getting very selective when deciding how to spend my time. One item recently added to the list is 'letting go'. Letting go of guilt and anxiety if I don’t accomplish everything I dream about. I am learning to hone in on what really makes me happy and by doing so, I plan to refine my list.

I am learning that it is just as satisfying to settle in with a good book on a rainy day as it is to travel to some exotic destination. An evening with a friend can bring as much joy as a night on the town. I will continue to travel whenever I have the opportunity - European Adventure 2013 is coming in June - however, I won’t forget to enjoy the simpler pleasures that make up everyday life. My bucket list now includes exploring the fjords of New Zealand and telling my family members that I love them on a regular basis. After climbing the Zugspitze in Bavaria, comes sleeping in when I can. 

I hope my evolving bucket list brings me satisfaction and peace along with the realization of a life well lived.