Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Houston in July?

Today I am making reservations to spend Thanksgiving with family 500 miles away. Thanksgiving? Already? Where did the summer go? It is true that time flies when your having fun, and a fun summer/fall it has been for me with 5 trips in as many months.

July found us in Houston, Texas. Who goes to Houston in July you may ask. We asked ourselves that when we received a wedding invitation from family we rarely see. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to catch up with long distance relatives all in one place. I had to convince my husband who was not very enthusiastic to travel to a hot, humid, crowded town to be with people he hardly knew. We were both glad we made the effort.

Upon arriving in Houston, we were greeted with unseasonably cool weather and a welcoming party of my delightful cousins. All the out of town guest (and some locals) checked into a trendy downtown hotel where the reception was to take place. Every little detail was planned and executed to perfection. Even distant relatives were warmly welcomed and included in all the family events. What a joy to reconnect with cousins I rarely see and make new friends as we joined with the bride’s family. I wondered which family liked to party more and determined it was a toss up. It really was a spectacular event.

 Once again my theory of always making the positive choice is reaffirmed. I am so grateful for my extended family and now know that the effort to stay connected is more than worth it.

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