Thursday, August 30, 2012

LIVE the Journey

Life is a journey. We travel along our personal journey every day. When a day is over, it is gone forever. We can never go back and relive that day. Each day is an important part of the journey. Live it for all it’s worth. Eleanor Roosevelt suggested, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.” What thought provoking advice. Jump off a diving board, or eat something you have never tried. Sign up as a volunteer and make a difference. Step outside the box that is your routine and experience a new world.

Our busy schedules keep us within the boundaries of our boxes. The best experiences could be outside the box. What is outside your box? It could be a new hobby, a new sport, or a new friend. Adventures are there for you to discover along your life path. Open your eyes and heart to them and make each day memorable.

Attitude is an important part of a life well lived. You may start house-cleaning day with a pity-party and write the day off as wasted. Or you can dive into your chores and be grateful for your health and ability to maintain a clean and organized home. You can take pride in your accomplishments and gain satisfaction from a job well done. Instead of categorizing housework, shopping and cooking as work, think of them as living.

Tomorrow morning as you open your eyes and ponder the day ahead, decide to do something different, something that will make the day unique and valuable. Make your life a journey of exceptional days and there will be no regrets.

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