Wednesday, December 21, 2011


With Christmas just a few days away, and 2012 fast approaching, I find myself reminiscing about my childhood and how magical Christmas was in our home. From choosing the perfect tree with my dad and siblings, to making fudge and divinity with my mom, it really was ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. My parents did all they could on their limited budget to make our Christmas dreams come true.

Once I had my own family, I tried to carry on most of the traditions I grew up with so my sons could experience the wonder that Christmas is to children. As it worked out, my husband’s family traditions were very similar to my own, so we carried on with the decorations, homemade cookies and candy, special dinners served on the ‘good’ dishes, and lots of presents. Just as when we were little, all our kid’s dreams came true on Christmas morning. Now that they are grown, I hope they have cherished memories of Christmas past and traditions they will pass down to their children when the time comes.

In the meantime, with no little kids in the family, and no grandparents coming to visit, how important is it to continue all the holiday festivities? My two grown sons and husband manage to be ‘busy’ when it is time to decorate and I have to do it all myself. With no daughters, I do all cooking too. Each year I wonder if it even matters to them if we have all the holiday trimmings. One busy year I threatened not do any decorating and they all assured me they would miss it and that they would help. I don’t remember getting much help, but all the decorations went up as usual. This year I am contemplating the need for my homemade Christmas fudge. None of us need all that fat and calories, but it is Christmas.

Whether it matters to them or not, I cannot be sure. But it does matter to me. I am not sure exactly why I do all the decorating, cooking, and shopping, but I do, all the while feeling the comfort and joy of my childhood Christmas slipping away. I will hold on to the traditions that are so special to me, and hope they will keep the spirit alive for future generations to enjoy.

Merry Christmas everyone, and best wishes for the New Year! I am off to make the Christmas fudge because…it wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

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