Monday, February 27, 2012

You Are What You Think You Are

We have all heard “You are what you eat.” But what about what we think of ourselves? A hypochondriac believes with all sincerity that he is sick and in need of medical attention. Upon examination, the doctor usually finds him to be in perfect health, but will never convince the hypochondriac that he is not sick. The hypochondriac may in fact be ‘feeling’ the illness that he has convinced himself he has.

The same can be said for low self-esteem. A person who thinks he is worthless and has nothing of value to offer the world may end up missing out on life changing opportunities, because he doesn’t try, assuming he will fail. Then there are those who expect to succeed at any and all endeavors. Interestingly, they usually do. When they don’t, they move forward and find success elsewhere. Does this mean if you think it, it can be your reality? I believe is does.

‘I can’t’, often means, ‘I won’t because I don’t want to fail’. If you don’t try, you have already failed, so what have you got to lose? None of us wants to be criticized, but in reality, anyone who takes notice might be impressed that you tried. Replacing self-doubt with an open mind could change your life!

When the alarm goes off in the morning, instead of telling yourself how tired and uninspired you are, think about what you can accomplish this new day. Who you might meet, or what you may learn. When negative thoughts try to stop you, replace them with something you are looking forward to or hoping to accomplish, and know that you can! The only thing holding you back from living to your God given potential is you and your own self-doubt. Try thinking about all of your good qualities and make an effort to show these qualities to the world. You do have much to offer and you can succeed in life. You only have to convince yourself!

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  1. Well put, Carol. This is so true! It is also probably one of the hardest concepts to grasp.