Thursday, February 16, 2012

Perseverance – Do I Have It?

I mentioned a few weeks back that I was adding yoga to my fitness routine in hopes of increasing my flexibility and balance. I have taken several classes, with a few different instructors, but I just can’t get with the program. I always workout first thing in the morning which gets my blood pumping to all the tight muscles and stiff joints, but to take a yoga class before I am sufficiently warmed up is not very beneficial. I tried a late afternoon class and found that I was tired from my long day and didn’t have much energy, and felt out of place with all the regulars. Next I tried at home with a DVD and did better since I could pause it and practice the poses. However, I continue to be frustrated, as I am not noticing much improvement in flexibility or balance. After each session I want to give up.

Upon further evaluation, I think I am making some progress. I was able to balance better today and might be limbering up somewhat. To achieve my goals though, I have a tall mountain to climb. Do I have what it takes at my age to conquer that mountain? It would be so easy to walk away and forget yoga…again. Instead I am going to stay with it and inch closer to the summit with each session.

I am going to step back and find a beginner program that will not discourage me, and realize that yoga is not something you learn in a week or month, but a continuing process. For me it will be slow going, but if I do succeed in making the physical changes I long for, the rewards will be life changing.

As with most achievements in life, the harder you work for something, the more you appreciate it. Someone who inherits money is likely to piddle it away, while money that is earned with blood, sweat and tears, is treated with the respect it deserves. I will continue my quest to flexibility and…persevere. Wish me luck.

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