Monday, August 1, 2011

The Positive Choice

Some time ago, while being faced with a difficult decision, a very wise friend gave me a piece of advice that has impacted my life ever since. This little gem of wisdom was simply to make the positive choice. Do I go to the party (the positive), or stay home (the negative)? Do I call my grieving friend (positive), or let her grieve in peace (negative)? Following this rule has opened my life to new experiences, people, places and events. What powerful advice.

Not only is decision making easier, I have attended some fabulous events, and made new friends that I may never have met. Even when I think I am too tired or may be out of place, I now choose the positive and almost always have a wonderful time, meet an extraordinary person, or make an impact on someone's life. In other words, I am living a richer, fuller life. The only drawback to this rule is that you can wear yourself out. Sometimes the best choice is to rest up and be prepared for more positive choices.

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