Sunday, July 31, 2011

Am I Dokmezet?

I never thought I would be blogging. Until recently I did not know what a blog was. As the process of writing and publishing a book progresses for me, I am learning the business of writing, social marketing, and unexpectedly, about myself.

My assumption that submitting a project to publishers would be straightforward has proved to be anything but. Not only do they want to see your book, they want to see your website, blog, marketing plan and resume. Being a member of the baby boom generation and having only recently begun my writing career, I was overwhelmed. Luckily for me, my son, a marketing consultant, agreed to help me. Being unfamiliar with blogs in general, I was at a loss when he asked what I wanted to name mine.

As a writer I tend to look at each assignment or project individually and had not considered my work as a whole. When my consultant/son suggested I call my blog ‘Peace of Mind’, I was intrigued at his impression of my work.

“Mom, you write about acceptance and being yourself.” He told me. “Everything you write has a positive theme to it. You are the family counselor and advisor. Someone is always calling you for guidance or support.” His words were enlightening to me, as I did not realize he saw me in that light.

About this time we were embarking on a journey to Oklahoma to explore our Native American roots. Our tribe, Potawatomi (People of the Fire), was having a reunion and we decided to be part of it. Prior to the trip I learned there would be a naming ceremony at which time members could receive their native name from a tribal elder. This required questionnaires and interviews with your chosen elder. During this process, she and I were able to get to know each other and developed a fondness for each other.

All through the naming ceremony, which was steeped in all of the tribe’s tradition and beauty, with fire, smoke, herbs, prayer, and song, I wondered what my native name would be. In accordance with my son’s image, the Potawatomi name bestowed upon me is Dokmezet, which translates to She is Peaceful. Welcome to my Peace of Mind blog.

Follow along as I ponder life’s triumphs and challenges. Lets learn to be at peace together.

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  1. I like your writting style and am looking forward to reading your book.
    I enjoyed seeing you in Okla. when you were here.
    You have always had a peaceful nature.