Monday, July 29, 2013

Things I Love and a Quote of the Week

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”
                                                       ~ Charles Dickens

Friends are great, but a friend with chocolate (or a martini) can lift you out of whatever depressing situation you may find yourself suffering through. In fact, chocolate alone can save an otherwise pathetic day. No offense to my wonderful friends, but we are talking chocolate…one of the loves of my life.

Reading this quote made me smile and begin to reminisce about things that I love, and how as we mature our likes and dislikes evolve. Chocolate has been a constant for me, but other passions have come and gone. As I mentioned in a previous blog, as a child I was crazy for shoes. A new pair of patent leather Mary Janes could make me feel like a princess. As a teenager during the hippy-dippy 60’s, nondescript leather sandals replaced my shiny dress shoes, while music and friends became my new priorities.

 Moving to Alaska in the 70’s brought my focus back to my feet. Boots, I had all styles: dress boots, everyday boots, outdoor activity boots, and each type in a variety of colors. My husband called me the boot queen. I my defense, I did live in Alaska and boots were a necessity. All my northern friends were boot queens also. Since moving back to California I rarely wear boots. I kind of miss them.

I have always been a fan of the great outdoors enjoying skiing, camping, and hiking. Not so much now that I am getting older. During my adult life I have enjoyed domestic hobbies like sewing and baking. I love to bake on a rainy day. Puzzles and craft projects have also been favorites.

Traveling to exotic and historic destinations is my ultimate passion. I hope to continue my world travels for years to come. My all-time favorite pastime though is reading. I think I could read endlessly. I will never stop reading unless my eyesight fails. A good book and a box of chocolates…it doesn’t get any better.

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