Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother – The Heart of the Home

Sunday is Mother’s Day and for the last three years I have not had a mother to honor. When my husband and I were first married, between us we had two mothers, three grandmothers, and one great-grandmother, all requiring attention on Mother’s Day. I was writing cards, sending flowers, planning meals and visits. It was an effort on my part, but they all deserved recognition and gratitude for all they had given us over the years. We did our best to let them know they were loved.

The last of our ‘mothers’ passed away three years ago and now I feel a little lost when Mother’s Day rolls around. I am a mother and I will be enjoying a visit with my two sons, but even they do not fill the void that our moms left.

 If you still have a mother, enjoy and honor her every chance you get. She probably loves you more than anyone else ever will. I was blessed with the best of mothers. She cared for us, worried about us, and knew when to back away and let us make mistakes. I wish I could have been as wise raising my children.
I plan to enjoy Mother’s Day with my family and be grateful for all the gifts I received from my mother and grandmothers. I wish all mothers a wonderful day because we are all the heart of the home.

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